London Construction Work

Looking for London construction work? To be work ready as a construction worker you generally need to have the following in place.


The CSCS is a test that tests a worker knowledge of site health and safety. The test costs £22.50 and can be booked online here . Once you’ve passed your test you’ll be able to order a card which will set you back about £30.00 and will posted out to you in about 1 week. For details on the CSCS check out their site here –  

Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) 

If you’re a qualified trades person it is quite likely that you’ll be engaged on a self-employed basis the company your working for. A UTR is a number issued by the HMRC to self employed workers, by applying for a UTR you’re informing the HMRC that you will be completing a self-assessment (tax-return) at the end of the financial year.

After you’ve received you UTR number you’ll also need to make contact with the HMRC on more time to register your UTR under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), by doing this your employer will only be required to withhold 20% of your pay against your future tax obligations as opposed to the emergency rate of 30%.  You can apply online here –


As a contractor for most part you’ll be expected to provide your own tools, however some contractors will look to provider larger plant & power tools.

Tools are sold at very reasonable prices in the UK and one of the cheapest providers is ScrewFix ( Look to pick up all your basics and be work ready ASAP with their next day delivery service.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) 

As a minimum you’ll require steel capped boots, hard hat & a yellow high visibility vest.  Some other sites will also require gloves & protective glasses. These can also be purchased through ScrewFix (

If you think we’ve left anything out or have any tips for people looking for London Construction work, drop us a comment below.