Finding jobs in London

Finding work quickly will be important for you once you arrive in the UK. Here are 6 easy steps you can take to help with finding jobs in London.

Job Boards

Below is a list of some of the most popular London job sites. Be sure to check out a couple to increase the chances of finding yourself a job!

London job boards

Reed –

JobsToday –

Indeed –

monster –

CV library –

Gumtree –

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies, how do you find the right one?

If you started reviewing & applying to job ads listed on job sites,  you’ll more than likely be contacted by a recruitment agency to discuss the roles they have available. To ensure you’re dealing with the right agency & consultant, I suggest you take the following steps to ensure you’re not wasting your time speaking to the wrong people.

Review the agency’s website: Check to see if they appear to be a professional company & get an understanding of the industry/sectors that they specialise in.

Does the consultant your dealing with act in a professional manner, do they contact you when they say they will, did they show a genuine interest in your experience, did they outline how they plan to help you get a job?

Review their job listings: Check that your skills and experience match those being advertised by the agency and that the jobs that the agency are advertising are jobs that are of interest to you.

Check the company’s LinkedIn Page & the LinkedIn page of any consultant you’ve had discussions with. Do they represent themselves in a professional manner, do they have recommendations / endorsements from clients and candidates? Are they well connected, does it look likely that they’ll be able to place you in a job?

Finally complete a Google Search of the recruitment company name and see if you can see any negative press or comments from people who’ve worked for the company.

Word of Mouth

When you arrive in the UK be sure to tell people that you’ve just arrived and are looking for work. Friends of friends are a great resource to take advantage of when it comes to looking for work!

You never know who might be able to help you. So be sure to get out there and introduce yourself and have discussions about finding employment!

Social Media

Social media can be a key element in your job search if used correctly. Here are a few tips to get the most out of social media networks;

  • Review & follow the pages (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn) of companies that you’d like to work for, that should help you stay abreast of any opportunities.
  • Join industry specific networks and look to be an active contributor to discussions.
  • Be sure to advise friends etc that you’re moving to London and that you’ll be looking for work when you arrive. You never know someone may just be looking for someone just like you!
  • Use the job search functions, LinkedIn has a particularly good search tool.

We’d love to hear from you to if you happen to come across any other tricks for using social media that that have worked for you.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest business social network used in over 200 countries worldwide, so it certainly makes sense to use it  when looking to find a job. 

Create yourself a professional looking profile, this in effect becomes a searchable online CV. To increase your chances of finding work be sure you spend some time making your profile great!!  I’ve found the following link a great resource for help with creating a profile. – Read Here

Make sure all your location settings are set up correctly and you should start to be notified of jobs that match your experience.

Be sure to let us know of any tips you have to help with finding work through Linkedin.


Advertising job roles in the newspaper has been on a pretty steady decline in recent years. That said there are still some industries that place Newspaper job adds.

Check publications such as the Metro & The Evening Standard daily to see if there are any roles suited to you. Some of the other larger publications also have a weekly job/careers sections that you could peruse.

If you have any other tips or suggestions please feel free to leave in the comments below.