Opening a UK Bank Account

You don’t need to pay anyone to help you with opening a UK bank account. Locate a local branch of one of the following banks and look to open up one of their basic bank accounts (generally called a current or cash account).

BarclaysLink here 

HSBCLink here

LloydsLink here 

TSBLink here

Metro Bank – Link here

Opening a UK bank account: Proof of Address

The most difficult part of opening a bank account is generally providing a proof of address. At this point you might have some of the following that you could look to use, while only one of the following documents is normally requested taking multiple documents can certainly strengthen your case.

  • A signed tenancy agreement
  • A utilities bill (if you’ve moved into a share house request to get your name on a bill ASAP).
  • A letter from HMRC or the Job Centre confirming an NI meeting
  • HMRC Coding notice
  • A contract of employment
  • A payslip
  • Medical card / NHS card (sent to you after registering with a Doctor).
  • A letter confirming that you’ve registered on the electoral register go to (Commonwealth citizen with Leave to enter the UK can register to vote in the UK).

We’d be very interested in  hearing your experiences with opening bank accounts, in particular any branches that you felt made it is a pain free experience. Leave a comment below;