Getting around London

So you’ve arrived and now you want to get out and explore. 1 problem, you have no idea how to attack getting around London. Below are some resources that will help you get around London like a pro!

Smart Phone

City MapperThe app you must have to help you effortlessly navigate your way through London by foot, bicylce & public transport.

Google Maps Another handy app to help find your way around, handy to have if you’re outside the area covered by city mapper.

Physical Map / Street Atlas

A to Z – Whilst it could be considered old technology it can still be handy to purchase an A to Z when you first arrive in London. The main benefit being that unlike your smart phone an A to Z won’t run out of charge or fail to get signal. The A to Z  is available in most Book Stores & News Agents. You could also look to purchase on Amazon – Link to A to Z on Amazon.